Church Donation Management System
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CDMS is designed to be used for donation management, week by week collection entry against Sundays, and for several different accounts.

Currently there are four accounts hardcoded into it, FWO for Free Will Offering, RF for Repair Fund, OA for Outreach Account, and UA for United Appeal.

Ease of use

This system needs someone to set it up, and it may require a bit of expertise if you intend to use all features, including the internet backup.

The client install is simple, its just a matter of installing perl from activestate, and then copying the files into a folder on your PC. The necessary modules are all installed automatically on first use.

The web end is a little more complicated, although not much. You need a web account with a CGI-BIN directory, where you can install and run perl scripts. Then CDMS can be installed using an FTP client. All you need to do is copy the web/ directory onto your server, set some permissions, and test. Check the web/README.txt document in the distribution for more details.

More information

More information is available, including files and screenshots over at Our Sourceforge Page

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